BLUE DEAL Labs - Croatia Lab

3rd day | Industry, Funding & Projects day

20 May 21 | 09:00 - 12:30 CET

Hours below in Split, Croatia time

10.00-10.30 Presenting the Blue Deal Open Innovation Challenges for blue energy solutions in the Mediterranean, Carmen Renovell - Project Officer, Business Innovation Centre, CEEI Valencia

10.30-10.45 Blue Deal Open Innovation for University Students, Student Representative, UNIZAG FSB

10.45-11.00 Perspective for Renewable Energy Sources in Croatia, Mr. Damir Buzov - Croatian Chamber of Economy - Split County Chamber

11.00-11.15 Working on Offshore wind projects, Dr. Ivan Višić - CEO, Pro Integris

11.15-11.35 Offshore wind energy developments: Current status, challenges and future perspectives, Mr. Darko Uršičić - Offshore Wind Project Planner, Flowtree Ltd., project management consulting services

11.35-11.55 Wave Energy Converter Development for Mediterranean Conditions, Yair Rudick - Business Development Manager, Eco Wave Power

11.55-12.10 Funding opportunity for implementation of Blue Energy technology, Matija Vajdić - Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

12.10-12.25 Interreg Atlantic Area PROTOS project, Prof Mario López Gallego - University of Oviedo

12.25-12.40 Interreg Italy-Croatia COASTENERGY, Mr Vladimir Vidović, SDEWES Centre

12.40-12.55 Interreg Italy-Croatia JointSECAP project – development of Joint Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plant, Mr Nikola Matak, SDEWES Centre

12.55-13.15 Interreg MED PRISMI PLUS project & EUKI AaCTA project, Mr. Daniele Groppi, University of Rome – Sapienza and Mr Antun Pfeifer, UNIZAG FSB

13.15-13.30 Open discussion

13.30-14.30 Lunch



Damir Buzov
Mechanical engineer, Smarteff-energy
Daniele Groppi
Sapienza University of Rome
Nikola Matak
Matija Vajdić
Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar
Carmen Renovell Giner
Project Officer, Business Innovation Centre, CEEI Valencia
Mario López
University of Oviedo
Dr. Ivan Višić
CEO, Pro Integris
Yair Rudick
Eco Wave Power, Business Development Manager