3D interactive & VR Visualizations

In this section you can find the Visualization tools that were created in the Blue Deal project to help us imagine the landscapes of possible future installations with blue energy technologies. It includes the 3D interactive tool that can be accessed online via a Web Browser and the VR Tool that is compatible with Oculus PCVR link but also a Cardboard VR version that can run on any android phone

3D interactive Web Visualization Tools

We have created these 3D interactive Web Visualization Tools for the visualizations of 3 Labs for Crete Area in Greece, Split Area in Croatia and the island of Cyprus.

Our interactive visual tool contains a fully 3D virtual World where we can navigate and take a look at the Blue Energy technologies in the mentioned areas. Three different technologies are installed in three different locations around the studied in an attempt to capture the visual impact assessment in a concise way.

On the top right of the UI, 3 buttons give us the ability to navigate through, a drone, a boat and see the view from shore. On the top left we can choose which technology to load and on the bottom right a clickable minimap depicts the current location.

You can access and interact with the above 3D environments in the following links for each case.


The VR tool developed during the BLUE DEAL Labs, contains a fully 3D virtual world, with landscapes, ocean system and 3D models of Blue Energy technologies.

The user can wear the VR headset and take a look at the Blue Energy technologies within areas emerging from the analyses, interact with the environment and listen to information.

Three different technologies are virtually installed (Wind turbines, oscillating buoys, Seabed BasedBuoys) in three different locations around the island of Cyprus in an attempt to simulate how the landscape would look like and support stakeholders decision making, regarding the visual impact of their installation.


Our story starts on a boat near the installed Blue Energy park. We can walk on the boat and havethe opportunity to look at the technologies around us.

Using the hand tracking capability we canactivate the narration by pushing a button and listen to information about the park.

Hop on the hotair balloon, which appears shortly after, for a quick trip above the park. We fly above thetechnologies and head to the shore where we can observe the visual impact from there.

During theflight, we can hear more information about the technologies and look at the area map whichcontains the observer's and park's location.


  • Using VR to simulate the installation of Blue Energy technologies in a landscape give theopportunity to users to look around, walk, hear, interact and have an immerse experience that feelsrealistic.
  • The user is engaged and fully concentrated to the story.
  • Simplifies the visualization problem.
  • Variety of viewing angles.
  • Innovative and enjoyable.


Our VR implementation works with Oculus Devices using the Oculus Link connection.

  1. Download the software provided
  2. Connect your Oculus Device on your PC and,
  3. Run the executable.




VR Cardboard Compatible for Android

A simplified Virtual Reality version for android, compatible with Google Cardboard is now available.

No need to buy expensive equipment to run the software.

Just download the apk file, install it onyour android phone, place the phone inside a Google Cardboard viewer and start observing!

With this simplified educational version, user can observe wave and wind energy technologies and listen to information.