Antun Pfeifer

Mr. Pfeifer is an expert in energy planning and modelling of energy systems with main scientific contributions focused on the modelling of energy systems in transition from fossil fuel-based ones towards zero-emissions energy systems based on renewable energy. His main field of interest includes energy planning, modelling of energy systems, integration of variable renewable energy sources, use of demand response and storage technologies and energy markets. He develops new solutions for modelling of energy systems with comprehensive approach, using simulation approach, optimization approach, market integration and mathematical approaches as the game theory for multiple interconnected energy systems planning on a coupled day-ahead power market. He participated in the implementation of 12 international scientific projects funded by Horizon 2020, Interreg, IPA, EUKI and other funding bodies. Mr. Pfeifer is an author of 11 scientific journal publications indexed on platform Scopus. He has an h-factor 6, with 152 citations.