BLUE DEAL for the Future
The BLUE DEAL project is launching "BLUE DEAL for the Future", an International Blue Energy contest, created to raise awareness and actively involve future generations in building a blue future.
The school contest aims to enhance excellence, skills, and methodological abilities acquired by students and at the same time, expand their knowledge related to Blue Energy. Students will have the opportunity to participate in an international project and test themselves on innovative topics that, in turn, will enable them to increase their knowledge and skills. The school will have the opportunity to gain international visibility and expand the curricular topics.

Are high school students ready to turn themselves into Blue Energy experts?
The answer is definitely “yes”!

Previous experience

Previous experience through the project “MAESTRALE” showed that involving citizens and young people in a cooperation project, is not only possible, but beneficial. Several high school students from the Istituto Tecnico Professionale Tito Sarrocchi, in Siena, Italy, participated in a blue growth experiment promoted by the University of Siena. The students had the opportunity to discover Blue Energy (BE), a new frontier in the field of renewable energies, and learn a lot about how BE technologies work and what they can do. The students had the opportunity to experience the world of European projects and were active players in some of the project’s activities that allowed them to participate in local and international events, meet other citizens and students from other countries, and enrich their cultural background and experiences.

Following the first phase of training, students were challenged to shift their role and find suitable solutions for transferring what they learned to other people and their peers. This included a visit to Malaga (Spain) as well as developing co-working laboratories to assemble small-scale prototypes of Blue Energy technologies. Paving the way for the next “blue jobs”, students from the Technical High School in Siena (Italy) became our European Ambassadors of Blue Energy.

October 2021

Contest launch

April 2022

Deadline for applications

May/June 2022

Winners' announcement

Who can participate?

This successful experience is the foundation of the "BLUE DEAL for the Future" contest, which has expanded its scope to include even more students.

To this aim, High School Education Institution students from European Member States, and the IPA Countries are called to participate in the “BLUE DEAL for the Future” contest.

How to participate?

To participate in the school contest is extremely easy, following 4 simple steps:
1) Choose one of the 3 available categories.
2) Create your school team.
3) Register to the BLUE DEAL platform here

Check out the detailed competition rules here and prove that your school deserves the first prize!

Participation Categories

There are three categories in which students can compete:
Design. This can include prototypes, 3D models or any representation of industrial design, general plans, technical blueprints or handmade sketches, or other types of technical project.
Artistic expression. This can include any kind of visual art, acting or musical performance, written or drawn story or original script, any kind of artistic expression.
Video. This can include a short film, documentary, interview, animation, flash mob or any kind of issue using audio-visual medium.