BLUE DEAL Labs - Malta Lab
Malta Lab - Whole island
The first Testing Lab was mostly devoted to the elaboration of a coherent Blue Energy strategy for Malta based on remote co-working of PPs; this needed a number of one-to-one web-based meetings of the PPs with the WP leader and the task leader and other general meetings. During the Lab, PPs involved in the BE planning action presented results consisting in a Blue Energy Plan for Malta.

Selected BE Technologies for this case

Offshore Wave Energy Buoy
Floating body mounted above a piston contained inside a tube which produces a flow of water that drives a turbine connected to a generator. Self-orienting moorings follow the main direction of propagation of the waves of the sea. These systems are designed for the implementation of wave farms. Learn more

Offshore Wind Energy (Model 3)
Floating wind turbine allows to generate electricity in water depths where fixed-foundation turbines are not feasible. The turbines are attached to the seabed by a three-point mooring spread and anchoring system. This system is designed for the implementation of wind farms. Learn more