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Offshore Wave Energy Buoy
Floating body mounted above a piston contained inside a tube which produces a flow of water that drives a turbine connected to a generator. Self-orienting moorings follow the main direction of propagation of the waves of the sea. These systems are designed for the implementation of wave farms.

Technical Description
Physical Requirements Minimum wave height: : <1 m - 1.6 m
Bathymetry: 35 – 50 m
Dimensions Distance: > 30 m
Width: 5 m – 8 m
Technical aspects/Turbine: Rated power: 8 kW – 100 kW
Electricity production: 12 - 250 MWh/yr
Points of attention: -Productivity – actual wave energy potential
(variability and seasonality of wave characteristics such as height and frequency) -Connection to the grid
-Possible impacts on marine ecosystems
-Possible impacts on navigation & fishing (interference with navigation routes)
-Maintenance costs (corrosion by seawater)
-Variability of wave direction

Environment Visualization

Case Studies - Visual Impact Assessment