BLUE DEAL Labs - Malta Lab

1st BLUE DEAL Testing Lab

16 Jun 20 | 10:20 - 16:00 CET


  • Blue Energy Plan framework & BE technology series (INDACO2)
  • Blue Energy plan: BE catalogue & requirements (LP UNISI)
  •  Blue Energy plan: mapping (U-SPACE)
  •  Blue Energy plan: inspiring visions (GEO-IMAGING)
  •  Blue Energy plan: Wind Energy potentials (CRES)
  •  Blue Energy plan: BE potentials (UNIZAGREB)
  •  Blue Energy plan: Environmental Impact Assessment (guidelines) and procedures for approval (CEA)
  •  Q&A (All PPs)

Tuesday, 16th of June 2020 afternoon session

  • Open Innovation action (CEEI)
  • Supporting Open Innovation (CLANER)
  • Communication issues and the First Business Forum (DV)
  • Cluster Portal (CRES)
  • Q&A and closing public sessions (All PPs)
  • Evaluation of the First BD Testing Lab (All PPs)
  • Next BD testing Lab in Albania (AKBN)

WHEN: 16th june (remote session)

WHO: BLUE DEAL project partners