Dr Theotokis Theodoulou
Marine Archaeologist

Theotokis Theodoulou was born in Cyprus in 1968. He studied Archaeology and History of Art as well as Ancient History at the University of Athens (1987-1993). He received his MA from the Panteion University, Athens, in Cultural Policy, Administration and Communication with a thesis on Museology (2003) and his Ph.D. from the University of Cyprus, where his thesis addressed the maritime activity and harbor network of classical Cyprus (2007). He has taken part in several land and underwater archaeological missions and excavations in Greece, Cyprus and Egypt using cutting-edge technology developed by relevant technology advancing institutions such as the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the Hellenic Center of Marine Research and the Institute of Mediterranean Studies. Being a member of Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology from 1994 he co-ordinated the Institute’s team in the context of the European Navis II project (2002). He is also an associate of the National Technical University of Athens responsible for developing the Limenoscope database for ancient harbors and consultant of the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus for the Cyprus Coastal Assessment Project.

He has published several articles, and chapters in archaeological journals and volumes. He has also taught Marine History and Underwater Archaeology at the University of Aegean as part of a program conducted jointly by the university, the Hellenic Center of Marine Research and the University of Connecticut. Since 2000, he has been employed as a marine archaeologist in the Greek Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities. Through the Ephorate he participated in or directed several underwater archaeological expeditions especially at the islands of North Eastern Aegean (Chios’ shipwrecks project, Lesvos’ harbor network project), Antikythera (Return to Antikythera project) and Crete. From 2010 he is leading the Ephorate's Department in Crete conducting underwater systematic surveys in Herakleion gulf, Western Crete, Ag. Theodoroi, Ancient Olous, etc. He also organized the exhibition of four shipwrecks recovered in 1976 from Dhia island by the team of French explorer J.-Y. Cousteau, at the Venetian fortress Rocca a Mare (Koules) in Herakleion. Recently he initiated a GIS data base program for the administration of underwater and coastal heritage of Crete expected soon at the web.