BLUE DEAL Labs - Albania Lab

2nd BLUE DEAL Testing Lab

6-7 October 2020

- 7 blue energy technologies would be suitable to be implemented on the Albanian coasts

- More than 70 people have attended this event conceived to increase the knowledge related to the possibilities of generating energy by deploying marine energies

For two days and in a virtual way, the partners of the BLUE DEAL project have carried out their second Testing Lab focused on the possibilities of development and implementation of different blue energy technologies in the Port of Durres, Albania.

Albania’s energy policy has the main objective of implement a transition to a sustainable energy system, moving towards an environment-friendly energy system, which denotes broad reliance on renewable energy sources.

BLUE DEAL labs are designed to have two components: a Blue Energy planning session to develop the possible solutions for the exploitation of marine energies in the study area and an open innovation session thought to involve SMEs and other companies, with a problem-solving approach that brings together challenges and proposals for the development of these technologies.

In that sense, during the event Albania's wealth in renewable energy sources with hydropower as the main source was highlighted; also is observed great potential for electricity generation by Offshore Wind and by wave energy harvesting.