BLUE DEAL Labs - Albania Lab

morning session

07 Oct 20 | 10:00 - 12:00 CET

  • Opening and welcome (Mr. Adrian Bylyku, Executive Director at AKBN)
  • Objectives of the session (UNISI and CEEI VALENCIA)
  • Series of presentations by local stakeholders. Presentation of the organisations and their activities.
  • (1) Msc. Artan Leskoviku, Activities Plan of Blue Deal project in Albania.
  • (2) Dr. Besim Islami, EECG shpk Energy and Environment in Durresi Area
  • (3) Mr. Sokol Kikino Infra Plan shpk. Development Plan of Durres Port
  • (4) Mr. Tomor Spahiu, Infra Plan shpk Energy Project in Durres Port
  • (5) Mr. Besard Llapashtica AED shpk, Solar Project in coastal area.
  • Introduction: Open Innovation and how it can promote the involvement of local partners in the development of the Blue Energies in the region (CEEI VALENCIA)
  • Presentation of The Ports 4,0 equity fund: the corporate open innovation model adopted by the Spanish State Port Authorities (Fundaci√≥n Valencia Port. Ms. Lucia Calabria Tasa)
  • Access Portals: PELAGOS. (CRES).
  • Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) PORTAL: the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE).
  • Questions and answers concerning the morning session A(KBN and CEEI VALENCIA)