BLUE DEAL Labs - Greece Lab

1st BLUE DEAL Transferring Lab

12-15 April 2021

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The 1st BLUE DEAL Transferring Lab will be held online, on 12-15 April 2021. The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) and the BLUE DEAL partnership, in collaboration with the Region of Crete are organizing the Lab focusing in Crete area.

The aim of this laboratory is to present and discuss possible scenarios for the development of Blue Energy on the island of Crete, as these scenarios resulted from the technical analysis carried out by CRES and the BLUE DEAL project partners with the support of the Region of Crete and other bodies and authorities of the island.

In accordance to our agenda, during the first day, 12/04, regional priorities on Blue Energy will be presented as well as the perspectives that exist at European level for the development of this promising sector. On 13/04, the results regarding the implementation of Blue Energy projects in the sea area of Crete will be presented, while a detailed discussion will follow with the relevant stakeholders. The third day of the laboratory is dedicated to the presentation of the investments’ landscape in Greece and abroad, while the open innovation challenge of BLUE DEAL project will be launched. The last day is dedicated to informing citizens and especially students on these topics.