Rotem Trivizki
Migdalor Tel aviv- Yafo's coastal zone research center

Rotem holds a B.Sc in Marine and Environmental Sciences and an M.Sc in Marine biology from the IUI – Inter-University Institute for marine science in Eilat. Her research was dedicated to the effects of global climate changes on coral reefs.

She has expanded her experience as a marine ecologist at SPNI - Society of Preserving Nature in Israel, as the manager of marine conservation projects involving public engagement.

Nowadays Rotem works as the Director of Innovation and Marine Development at Atarim- the urban corporation in charge of developing and managing the Tel-Aviv-Yafo Coastline.

Her job includes researching the urban coastline to generate scientific tools to support decision-making on the sustainable development of the coastal and sea strip in Tel Aviv-Yafo.

To do so she has established “Migdalor” at Atarim– the Tel Aviv- Jaffa Coastal Zone Research Center, and now leads its work in cooperation with academic, governmental, and municipal bodies.