Kyriakos Aliouris
Shipping Deputy Ministry

Mr. Kyriakos Aliouris was born in Famagusta in 1970 and has graduated in 1996, from the National Technical University of Athens with a Diploma in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Firstly he has been employed in the private sector, in the fields of ship management, before joining the Cyprus Maritime Administration in 1998. Originally he was posted as a Marine Surveyor at the Department of Merchant Shipping. He has more than 22 years of work experience in the field of shipping in the public sector and he performed various duties such as Flag and Port State Inspector, ISM Auditor RO auditor, Accident Investigator and Duly Authorised Officer for security issues. As time went by he promoted to Marine Surveyor A in 2009 and moved to middle management taking over policy decision posts, dealing with policy issues and especially with the coordination of IMO and EU meetings.

He currently serves as Head of the Safety Management (ISM) and Security (ISPS) Section of the Shipping Deputy Ministry. He is also responsible as National Coordinator for Integrated Maritime Policy and Maritime Spatial Planning at both European and national level and is a national expert on the above issues at the relevant working groups / committees of the European Commission, the European Maritime Safety Agency and the International Maritime Organization. During the Cyprus Presidency he was designated as deputy chair of the Friends of the Presidency Group for IMP and member of the team preparing the “Limassol Declaration” which was the milestone of the Cypriot Presidency.