BLUE DEAL Labs - BLUE DEAL Capitalization Lab

BLUE DEAL Capitalization Lab

3-4 March 2022

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The Capitalization Lab is addressed to national, regional and local authorities, universities, energy agencies, innovation offices, schools, SMEs, NGOs, financial institutions, and all entities that are involved in the planning and implementation of Blue Energy projects, in the participating countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Albania).

The main purpose of the Capitalization Lab is to present the guidelines for the successful planning of BE projects taking into account technical, environmental and social parameters. At the same time, the establishment of Regional and Transnational Alliances based on the above principles, consist a favorable environment for the development of Blue Energy in the Mediterranean Sea.

The second day of the Lab will be dedicated to the Open Innovation activity developed within the framework of the Blue Deal Project. Twelve (12) entities from the six (6) participating countries have launched blue energy challenges, and 80 responses have been received. Start-ups, SMEs, research groups, have answered the challenges with their innovative proposals.

During the second morning of the Lab, the 12 Challenges will be introduced, and each one of the responding organizations will have the opportunity to share their knowledge, in front of the Challengers, Project partners and rest of the audience.

After the presentations of the solvers, the juries of each challenge will meet and decide the finalists for the BD Valencia Business Forum to be held next 23-25 March in Valencia (Spain).