Utilization of sea water heat pump in main building of the port of Saranda

Deadline: 30/11/21 (Ended)


The actual energy system in Albania is currently based completely at the hydro energy. There are enormous doubts on its sustainability, as there are limited generation capacities towards the growing demand. On the other side it is limited with a considerable number of technical and non technical problems related to the network loss and leading to a multi-year energy crisis. One of the main challenges of the Albanian energy sector is the diversification of the RES energy sources and the fulfillment of the needs by own country resources, decreasing the import dependence. The country has significant potentials for renewable resources in the form of biomass, geothermal, wind, and solar. The utilization of renewable resources is an important factor for diversification of the energy sources and reduction of emissions of CO2 gasses.


The project proposes a installation of the Port building of Saranda, which is located a short distance from the sea and within the limits of the homonymous building. In particular, the project concerns the installation of a geothermal heat pump with the aim of covering thermal and cooling needs in the indoor pre-heater of the building port of Saranda. The proposed heat pump will operate with seawater not directly from the sea but through drilling in close proximity to it.

The office building of Municipality Saranda is located on the NW side of the City, build before 1972. It is approximately 85 m x 9 m with a sloping roof which maximum height is 6.40 m and minimum 4.40 m. The existing heating system consists of a 186 kW heating oil boiler and the distribution system consists of 19 thermal panels with a thermal power of 4,900 Kcal/h each. There is no mechanical ventilation system and no Renewable Energy Sources system available. 

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