Giglio Island: Let Blue Energy bloom

Deadline: 30/11/21 (Ended)


Our challenge mainly focuses on the port of Giglio Island. The energy demand of the island is currently supplied by thermoelectric production, fed by diesel transported daily to the island using tanker trucks.

For this reason, the implementation of Blue Energy systems would be strategic and an effective solutions for energy independence with of environmental impacts reduction

The Giglio Island has already been involved as a pilot site during the Blue Energy Labs carried out by the MAESTRALE project.

Already in that context it was pointed out that several systems able to produce energy from waves can be effectively implemented. From this experience has emerged that among the limitations for their implementation, the visual landscape impact is a huge challenge to solve.

Up to date, with few exceptions, the Blue Energy devices have been developed just with the aim of energy production, neglecting the aesthetic aspects.


We are looking for a group of experts able to provide solutions for landscape integration of Blue Energy devices at Giglio Island.

Our objective is to ensure a limited visual impact of BE technologies, through their implementation in pre-existing structures or underwater solutions.

In this way, it will be possible to reduce the visual impact of the devices and point out potential attractive and innovative views.

Lights, colours, and innovative designs could be an enhancement tool for the integration of these technologies.

These design solutions would facilitate the incorporation of these devices into the urban context and could, thus, become characteristic elements of everyday life, allowing for their greater acceptance by citizens.

Entity proposing the challenge:

Municipality of Giglio Island