Conversion of washed-up seaweed into biofuel

Deadline: 30/9/21 (1 days remaining)


Larnaka, as a coastal city, relies heavily on tourism due to the ideal climate and excellent quality of organized and non-organized beaches. However, in order for the beaches to be in this excellent condition, painstaking and costly efforts must be made to clean them from the large quantities of algae that wash ashore every year

The gulf of Larnaka has large areas with posidonia, commonly algae, consisting of the plant Posidonia oceanica. Seaweed is washed ashore on the sandy beach every year from early November to early April. Every year, the Municipal Authorities with their crews clean the beaches from the algae which in the end are thrown away. On average, more than 10 tons of seaweed are cleaned every year at a total cost to the Municipality of an average of € 120,000.


Wanting to contribute to the effort to tackle the climate crisis and promote the use of renewable energy sources, the Municipality of Larnaka is looking for innovative proposals to turn Larnaka algae from a problem into an opportunity. The goal is the sustainable use of algae to bring mutual benefits to the citizens and the environment.

Entity proposing the challenge:

Municipality of Larnaka