Challenges in workforce re-qualification and training for novel jobs in maritime sector

Deadline: 30/11/21 (Ended)


In the Split-Dalmatia county it is ongoing transition from strong industrial economic activities which includes shipbuilding, fishery and similar maritime related business toward, predominantly, tourism. This already resulted with great loss of knowledge which was gathered through the decades of active work in the field. Traditional shipbuilding based on big ships for cargo transport is not sustainable anymore and major shipyards already collapsed. This leads to bigger unemployment rates, but even more, to inevitable loss of valuable know-how and skills required in metal industry. To prevail these drawbacks, or at least to soften their effect it is required to establish a concise plan and guidelines which would enable the transition toward new, innovative technologies. This will allow the preservation of knowledge and their usage in research and development related to maritime business. Moreover, transition will ensure higher salaries, better working environment and general benefits to local population. Finally, preservation of jobs in mentioned industrial niches will ensure the diversification of economic activities, and lower dependence on rapid growing touristic sector. 


In this challenge we are looking to find and establish guidelines that will ensure the knowledge transfer suitable for re-qualification of working force to novel, innovative technologies and industrial niches. Therefore, this challenge is addressed to all entities that have experience in the field of vocational training, especially in terms of re-qualification of adults. Public authorities, consultants, entrepreneurs, SMEs that successfully finished this transition, or similar entities, are expected to deliver and present the comprehensive guidelines or report that will show how the transition can be made considering local specifics and requirements. The challenge proposal should firstly address the existing major problems and link potential solutions with new innovative research and development sector. Furthermore, the guidelines should be concise, clear and directly related to re-qualification of workforce from shipbuilding and metal sector.

Entity proposing the challenge:

Split-Dalmatia County