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Onshore Wave Energy - Oscillating Water Column
Incoming waves let seawater level move up and down and, just like pistons, alternately compress and decompress air within chambers. Air inflows and outflows throughout pipes and drives self-rectifying wells turbines. Mechanical energy is converted into electricity by a power take off (PTO) system. Chambers can be embedded in new or existing piers.

Technical Description
Physical Requirements Wave height: 0.5 – 3.5 m
Bathymetry: 2.5 – 15 m
Dimensions N° chambers: 16 -24 m
Emerged Height: 7 - 10 m
Submerged Height: 2.5 - 15 m
Width: 2 - 6 m
Technical aspects/100m Pier: Number of turbines: 16 - 24
Rated power/turbine: 18.5 - 20 kW
Installed capacity: 300 - 480 kW
Electricity production: 250 – 500 MWh/yr
Points of attention: -Productivity – actual wave energy potential
(variability and seasonality of wave characteristics such as height and frequency) -Connection to the grid
-Possible impacts on marine ecosystems
-Possible impacts on navigation & fishing (interference with navigation routes)
-Maintenance costs (corrosion by seawater)
-Variability of wave direction
-Noise Pollution

Environment Visualization