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Current Based Turbine
A submerged floating structure is linked to the seabed by means of a tether. The floating body supports two counter-rotating ducted turbines exposed to the flow and mounted sideways. Electrical generators are installed behind each of the two rotors. The self-towing winch permits the technology positioning at desired depth.

Technical Description
Physical Requirements Current speed: 1.5 - 4.5 m/s
Bathymetry: 9.8 - 15 m
Dimensions Height : 5 m
Width : 10 m
Width (3–blade) rotor : 3 m
Technical aspects/Unit: Rated power/turbine: 50 kW
Electricity production: 150 MWh/yr
Points of attention: -Productivity – actual tidal/currents energy potential
-Connection to the grid
-Possible impacts on marine ecosystems (seabed, fish, etc.)
-Possible impacts on navigation, fishing and other maritime activities
-Maintenance costs (corrosion by seawater)
-Need for noise mitigation (for tidal barrages)

Environment Visualization