BLUE DEAL Labs - Valencia Business Forum

3rd Day | Capitalization Day

25 Mar 22 | 09:30 - 13:30 CET

9:30-10:00 Covid rapid test and registration

10:00-10:20. Joint Plan for Portability

Katerina Sfakianaki, Project Partner (CRES)

10:20-11:15 ROUND TABLE with Public Adm

Moderated by UNISI. Project Coordinator

Ernesto Faubel, Municipality of Valencia (Spain)
Valentino Giuliani, Lazio Innova (Italy)
Andreas Karakatsanis, Municipality of Larnaka, Chief Engineer (Cyprus)
Pablo Quero, Agencia Provincial de la Energía de Cádiz (Spain)
Marko Opančar, Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds (Croatia)

11:15-11:35 Energy landscapes: 3D visualisation of Blue Energy plans.

Konstantinos Smagas, Geoimaging

11:35-12:00 Networking coffee

12:00-12:20 Capitalisation tools

Luis Miranda, BLUE GROWTH Community project

12:20-12:50 Regional Alliance. The Valencian initiative.

Jose Maria Planells. CEO. Rotary wave

12:50-13:10 Strategic Environmental Assessment guidelines

Miguel Puig Cabrera, Project Partner (U-SPACE)

13:10-13:30 Closing remarks

Simone Bastianoni, BLUE DEAL Project Coordinator (UNISI)

Juan Pablo Torregrosa, Project Partner (CEEI Valencia)

13:30-14:30 Lunch cocktail