BLUE DEAL for the Future
SCHOOL: parque colegio santa ana (Valencia)
Wind turbines for the future
Wind turbines for the future Our plan tries to solve the problem of cost and huge area, making wind turbines of lower elevation and consequently smaller propellers and we added more supports to offer more security to the composition, minimize the elemental area, and increase the proportion of said in it area. Average air speed in northern Spain: 17 kilometers per hour At the beginning we wanted to conceive it to promote the Valencian Society in some way and plan it in the Mediterranean, but we had a lot of problems to carry out the plan, so, to compensate, we recommend that the work and materials that we can be of our society.

TEAM Aeolus' apprentices
SCHOOL parque colegio santa ana (Valencia)
SUPERVISOR Ana Lourdes Torres Laborde
CATEGORY prototypes