BLUE DEAL for the Future
SCHOOL: Parque Colegio Santa Ana (Valencia)
Hidraulic roomba
The objective of these apparatuses that we have created is to place them at the mouths of rivers into the sea, because we believe that we can obtain a lot of hydraulic energy. In addition, our idea is that they should be small, so that we can place several of them in the same place. In addition, we have placed two scouring pads in the holes, so that no stone or animal will pass through. To put a solution to this problem, we have created a model to show you our solution. This one consists of an apparatus of round form, similar to a Roomba. This one has two holes, through which the water enters and exits. In addition, it has a snail mechanism inside, which obtains the hydraulic energy through the force and intensity of the water, then transports it through a set of cables to a hydraulic energy center. In this way, we will transport 12 kW per hour for one day.

TEAM Revolutionary Tiles
SCHOOL Parque Colegio Santa Ana (Valencia)
SUPERVISOR Ana Lourdes Torres Laborda